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I've been gone from this forum for a few months. After my father died in August, taking care of his final affairs became a full-time job.  Anything candle related was set aside. Once I had that behind me, the tenants at my rental house skipped out on me. They trashed the place, and getting the property back to a livable state is my new full-time job. Anything candle related was set aside. Straight to my question about wicking non-square jars. Wick charts only provide information for round candles. My jar is square. It's dimensions are: 3.25" X 3.25" side-to-side and 4" diagonally. How do I go about adapting the charts to a non-round jar like this?

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I played around with some squares. I found  two wicks didn’t quite cut it, but was using C3. When I was fooling around I still got Hangup in two corners.  I think if you do a paraffin or some soft Parasoy blend two could cut it. If not Maybs 4! You have to test!

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