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11 minutes ago, BusyBee said:

What is this scent all about?  We have beach/ocean, desert & mountains in SoCal.

This is the description on the fragrance. It’s the Hollister cologne.


Fresh beads of morning dew surround this sensual 
blend of lavender, fern and aged woods. A finely 
textured musk accord creates masculine appeal as 
it blends with hints of precious amber and rich 
vanilla bean at the base of the scent.

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20 minutes ago, BusyBee said:

Oh, this one is tough one!

Maybe something like "Mulholland Drive" or "Hollywood Hills"?


Morning dew, woods, parties up on the hill.  

Lol it is! I’m from Texas and have never been to Cali so know nothing about it! Those are some good ones!


What do you think of Cali Lust? Cali Love? 

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Mulholland is a good one.  The fragrance notes make me think of a canyon drive on a cool,damp Cali morning.  Mulholland Hwy , Kanan Dume Rd, to the Pacific Coast Highway.  Actually, any of those 3 would be good. Or just : Canyon

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I thought you were in Southern CA. 

First part of notes fit well for Mulholland Drive.  Mulholland Drive is a road on top of little mountain that is well known for many different movie scenes where it has beautiful city view on both sides.  Many non-Californian older people knows Mulholland Drive & Sunset Blvd. due to being in movies a lot.  But, I also thought the last part of notes kind fit well for Hollywood Hills where a lot of young celebrities are throwing parties.  Mulholland Drive starts from Hollywood Hills and goes thru Beverly Hills and Bel Air.  Mulholland Hwy is located in Malibu area, but it is peaceful and beautiful canyon area which fits the notes very well.


Like "pughaus" suggests, maybe adding SoCal to Canyon & make it to "SoCal Canyon" might be another good one. Or maybe call it "Cali Morning".

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