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Etsy and free shipping with digital products

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I have an unusual situation on Etsy and wanted to know if anyone else had dealt with it yet. 


I finally decided to get up the nerve to sell my candles this year after 13 years of testing HAHAHA. Anyway, I decided I would test pricing to see if I could sell my candles with the $35 free shipping guarantee. Here is the problem; right now, I sell wick template guides on my Etsy site. They are instant download files so there is no shipping. If I offer the $35 free shipping guarantee and someone buys (1) candle and wick templates, I will lose money :(


I emailed Etsy but they are too busy to respond. I missed the Christmas selling window because I didn't know how to handle shipping. I am not too disappointed in missing the Christmas rush because this will be my first experience with online selling, shipping, etc. and this time of year isn't the best time to get your feet wet but I do want to get it launched at the beginning of January.


Has anyone else had this issue?

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If I set up a free shipping guarantee, will it apply to my entire shop?

Yes. Your free shipping guarantee will make all listings in your shop eligible to ship for free to US buyers if their cart value (excluding applicable taxes) totals $35 or more. It will also apply the guarantee to new listings in your shop. You can also select individual listings in your shop to ship free and they will have priority placement in US search results.




What you may want to do is create a 2nd shop for your candles. Not 100% ideal but solves the issue.




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