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An Affair To Remember - PFO Group 1- CP Soap Results

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Soap Base: Olive 50% , Coconut 25%, Palm 25%  - 120*F

Lye solution 35%,  Lye Temp 100

100 grams of oil used for initial single bar soap tests.

Method: Pulse stick blender in 10 burst series. evaluate if more needed. Typically only need  20 bursts for unscented soap.


Acceleration: None. Slow and easy. Would consider water discount with no problems. 20 stick blender pulses and it still poured smoothly and leveled the top. 

Discoloration: slight ivory


Fragrance Morphing: None noted

Fragrance Fade: None Noted


Notes: this soaped VERY easily. 


Potential blending ideas: Anything with wood notes. Deep rose type floral.



An Affair to Remember1.jpg

An Affair to Remember2.jpg

An Affair to Remember3.jpg

An Affair to Remember4.jpg


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Wax Used:  464

Fragrance Load (%):  7%

Cure Time:  2 weeks

Wax Additives:  None

Container:  Medium (9oz) Straight Sided Jar, 2.83" Diameter

Wick Used:  CD 10

Cold Throw:  Good (7 out of 10)

Hot Throw:  Good (7 out of 10)

Morphing:  None

Fade:  None

Other notes:  Tested in office/store, approx. 350 sq. ft.  This one is a delicate, clean scent, a bit soapy.  Not super strong & in-your-face, but a nice background scent.  Also nice blended with Kickin Kumquat.

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