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Standard vs Wickless candles

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Recently I have been toying with the idea of making a specific line of wick-less/flame-less candles. Im curious as to what is all of your opinions on using hot plate type warmers vs a wick and flame.  I personally prefer to use my hot plate and avoid the flame all together, mostly to avoid any sooting from store bought candles and secondly as a safety precaution around my cats who like to jump up on the table and get curious. 


I guess what Id like to know is, do any of you folks sell wick-less versions of your jars or make a specific wick-less candle?  Do you personally like using a hot plate? Would you purchase a wick-less candle in store knowing it isnt a traditional  wick burning jar? Lastly, is there a market or is there buyers actually looking for a wick-less version of candles for either safety or health (cleaner burning) reasons?


Any input would be great, I am on the fence about even starting to pursue this new line of thinking. Time will tell I guess 😛 

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If I'm going to do wickless, I will use a tart warmer and melts, not a wickless jar candle. Takes too long to heat up the entire jar of wax to get any scent out of it, and people are impatient and I'm sure would give up before they even get any scent. 

That's my opinion anyway, and why I don't make/sell wickless jars, only melts. 

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