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Need name help please

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Hello everyone,


I am looking for some name suggestions. I am trying to rename Boozy Bites from JS. Here is the scent description.


Bourbon infused marshmallows - old fashioned goodness meets the hipster revolution.  Top notes of melted butter, mimosa and hints of coconut.  Middle notes of Kentucky Bourbon, sweet fluffy marshmallows and confectionary sugar.  Bottom notes of crushed vanilla, soft amber and musk.


I am trying to avoid any name with Marshmallow in it as I cannot seem to sell anything with Marshmallow in the name. 



Karen in MA

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A little late to the game, but here are a couple. 


Sweet bourbon barrel 

smooth toasted bourbon


IDK, that's all I could come up with... 

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Toasted Bourbon

Toasted Vanilla Bourbon

Amber & Bourbon

Roasted Bourbon & Vanilla

Butter Bourbon

Sugared Vanilla Bourbon

Roasted Bourbon Balls

Roasted Bourbon Bites
Candied Bourbon


I also like the above Bourbon Brûlée. 


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