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What now????!!! Can't get rid of this line........

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1 hour ago, lightmyfire said:

The reason these wet spots bother me SO much is because they just started showing up recently even though I'm using the same technique in the same studio.  It's extremely frustrating to try to fix something when you have no idea what's causing it.  I thought I had this remedied by pouring in the box with the dividers but that lasted for one batch.  If I had these silly things from the start then it would just be what it is.  I really hate that they have also started showing up in the clear glass jar candles--that really looks horrible.  :cry2:

Even though the ambient temp of the room may be the same, the seasons change, there’s atmospheric changes happening, and regardless of what anybody does, wet-spots is just part of the candle making process. As I said, the only people who notice or care is us. 

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