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Please help me understand what got messed up!

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Any thoughts totally appreciated on this situation:


I have a customer who approved a sample candle, and asked me to make 65 more for their store.


The sample was made with FO from a 20lb vat (huge plastic container from fragrance company) and 444 wax.


I used the same materials to make the 65 candles. However, at one point, I needed more wax and the company I order from sent 464 "by accident" because they were sold out of 444. It was a rainy, hot week and the 464 wasn't as flaky as it should be. It arrived all chunky and a bit smushy. Not good.


I never shook/stirred the fragrance oil. I just poured from the top of the vat, about 10 ounces at a time, into a smaller container.


Now the store tells me that some of the candles don't smell the same as others. It sounds like there are just different notes that are stronger in some, less in others.


I am wondering whether it is the wax change (444 and 464 are "basically the same" according to the wax distributor...although I don't believe that they are identical or they would have the same number!)


Can the FO "change" when it sits in a plastic vat and is not stirred prior to use; like could some of the chemicals "sink" to the bottom, and therefore different scents would predominate?


Any advice from the veterans, on this? 

I suppose I should have stirred the 20 lbs more, but I didn't. Just wondering if that is how to avoid this, next time?



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21 hours ago, TallTayl said:

Fo can separate into components though not many seem to have specific gravity components to do such. I habitually shake all vats before decanting


Different wax lots can and do smell different and can change the overall scent.


As can heating temp variations. 




when you say “decant”, do you do anything special other than pouring it into a smaller, more manageable container?

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2 hours ago, candlesinflorida said:


when you say “decant”, do you do anything special other than pouring it into a smaller, more manageable container?

Depends on the size of the drum.  If I can lift, then shake and pour into smaller bottles.  If I can’t, then I have a pump to tap the keg.

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