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Tunneling with c3 wax

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Hello all!  This is my first post on here, hoping I can find some advice!  I have been using c3 for about a year now and have loved it.  Was using HTP wicks with no problems, until a few months ago I started noticing that my candles were tunneling on every single candle.  So frustrating!  I know that generally means I need a bigger wick, but even when I went all the way up in every possible size, I keep getting the same results.  I am just totally at a loss of what to do!  I am trying the CD wicks now, I usually use a 9 oz straight sided jar (width of 2.5") and a tumbler (width of 2.8")  The tumblers give me the most trouble, but now I am starting to see it happen in the smaller jars too. Any help is appreciated!

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C3 is not immune to bad batches.  It could have too much of whatever additives and emulsifiers they use in the formula. Happened to me many times over the decade I used it too.


 I keep on hand some midwest soy wax to help tame C3, c1, 444 and others that are sometimes a bit too difficult to burn. Midwest is a naked soy (has no additives), and has (touches wood) been very consistent. 


If the wax is struggling to burn with giant wicks, Sometimes as little as 10%, or 20% makes all the difference. 


If the wax feels wet (like a few batches of 444 and 415) opening the wax and allowing to air dry in a super arid area helped a lot. 

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