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Reality Check Regarding Chemicals


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Soooo I'm just sharing my story here, to serve as an example and maybe help some other newby out there avoid the same terrible mistake.


The short version is that I was careless with and totally underestimated some chemicals, and the result was a mini disaster. 


Decided to try to make my own incense sticks, because I wanted certain scent types that I was having a hard time finding on the market.


Bought blank sticks and some fragrance oils. At the last minute, I discovered some discussions online (including some here) about DPG, so I ordered some of that to cut the fragrance oils with. 


Also ordered aluminum baking pans with plastic lids to use for soaking my sticks in the oil. 


So I mixed by FO and DPG 50/50 to test that ratio first, knowing I might need to up the DPG in later tests, but wanted to see what I could get away with first, if anything.


Filled my aluminum baking pans with the blank sticks, then added my FO/DPG mix, then covered them with the plastic lids to contain the scent, and then set them all up on a shelving unit to soak for 24 hours.


About 5 hours later I come back to check on them, which I don't even know what I would have been "checking" but I guess my intuition was giving me a red alert, because the plastic lids were MELTING into the oil!!! Like straight up melting into a plastic goo


In a panic I put on some latex gloves and started removing the half-melted plastic lids and putting them into a garbage bag, the whole time just cursing at myself for wasting SO MUCH FO ($$$) on this botched experiment (since I am assuming the sticks are a complete lost, can't burn then since they probably have melted plastic in them now). 


Couple hours went by of me just simmering down, telling myself that mistakes happen and that I can try again next week. But I also went outside and checked the trash out of curiosity, and yes, the oil mixture was MELTING THE GARBAGE BAG. Holy hell.


And to think I used to shrug it off as "no big deal" when accidentally getting undiluted FO on my SKIN


So that's my dunce story lol. Don't be like me, newbies. Do your research and be safe!

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1 hour ago, KrisS said:

Very good reminder.   It's also why you want to clean (not just wipe) any spills or drips you may have.  It may also take the polish off of granite or begin to discolor plastic laminate countertops. 


And see, I've never even been in the practice of doing that much. If I spilled I bit on the counter or kitchen table, I'd just wipe it with a kitchen rag and call it a day. 


But these past few years I've been making candles, so always using FO at 10% at most in my items. So I had never seen anything like this before in my life until this past week.


Trying to make these incense sticks again I was using FO at 50% with that DPG. I had no idea how powerful these fragrance oils can actually be as chemicals.


I am SHOOK, Y'ALL. Like I am still in a little shock that it straight up chemically melted plastic.

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I think a lot of people out there don't realize how corrosive FOs really are.  They'll ruin counter tops and remove the finish off furniture and floors.  I knew they dissolve plastic and rubber because I had some in some dropper bottles at one time.  The bottles were glass but you can guess what happened to the droppers.  I won't allow them anywhere near my pet birds (birds have a more sensitive respiratory system than other animals).  When I see some of these people just throwing any ol' wick and wax and FO together in random containers so they can make a buck or add attention-getting content to their blogs, I just cringe at how careless they obviously are.

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