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Might need an intervention...


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So, I've been dabbling in making candles the past few years.  Thought I had a handle on it.  Poured a few candles at a time for myself here & there.  Made it all thru summer without making a single purchase for supplies.   I mean, I've got a shelf full of fo & wicks, probably 50 lbs of various wax.  What could I possibly need? 


Then my sister asked for a candle to gift to her son's girlfriend.   My sister is about the only one I've given candles to.  She asked for any fall scent.  Wouldn't you know, i just poured the last of my Amish Harvest for myself! I could have tried a couple other scents i have but that one I feel the most confident about to give away.


Well, once I started, i just couldn't stop.  It didn't help that i ran across the .99 sale with CS (@#$%#! Facebook)!  I now have restocked my Amish + 4 other scents from 3 suppliers, 20 new scents to test, and ingredients to try my hand at solid lotion bars.  Came home from work yesterday & had boxes stacked 3 ft high, plus another today.


Really hoping I win the local Queen's Heart Raffle this weekend, over $250,000 now.  (I've got my eye on some new jars)😜

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I dabbled in candles about a year ago then took a long break and now am jubilant to have ordered some new FOs, from the States. I tell everyone who will listen that I have new FOs coming. They don't care. What's wrong with people?! 



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