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Palm wicking again

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So had some time and decided to take up the palm again because it’s so pretty in jars. I tried CSN wick, they were okay.

Now test RRD 40 and Premeir 799 in three inch straight sided jar. I have to trim the wicks very short because of the way palm burns down 5en out and the initial start of the burning wick height is a bit alarming. These seem to burn nicely with hang up two burns in the clean sides after.

My concern is the slight flickering instead of constant flame. Is this pal or am I wicking too high?

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I've tried Premiers in my palm wax, and I just don't like them. In and of themselves, they are a very pretty wick, and they look beautiful in an unlit candle. But they struggle so bad in my palm, unless I wick up to tiki torch size, and I'm convinced they don't throw as well as the CSNs. That being said, I have used them in large containers as a multi-wick configuration, and they do ok for that application. And I know @pcbrook has had much better luck with them than I have. 


I expect a tall, strong flame in a successful palm wax candle. That's an indication the wick is getting the proper amount of fuel. Not a bonfire, mind, but a good 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch flame. And they do dance a bit more than paraffin, but if you're seeing puffs of soot with it or a MP deeper than 1/4 inch, or the jar is getting really hot, then yes, you might be over wicked. 


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