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It finally happened to me—bad 464!

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...and I have about 600 pounds of it left. =(


As you all may notice, this is my first post here! I discovered these forums searching for this issue. I've learned a lot already so I want to say THANK YOU to everyone here for having such an excellent community. I hope I can give back.




I've been using the same recipes for about 4 years now and they're the bomb. Suddenly I'm having doozies...candles not staying lit, scent throw nothing like what it normally is. It could be some other issue—a bad batch of oil, a byproduct of the crazy weather changes here—yet I'm neurotic that it's the wax, as the symptoms fit based on what I've read elsewhere.


This comes at a really bad time, too, as sales have taken off over the last couple of years (a side hobby having developed a life of its own) and I'm starting to put less time into my "other job" to put more time into the candle biz. I did about 20k in sales last year and I sold out of things multiple times throughout the summer street fair season that just ended. I finally have some time off from work, I'm sold out and need to restock ASAP, I have a couple of events coming up later this month, I have a semi-pallet of wax, and...might not be able to use it.


So, a few questions:


1. Is there a place we track which lots are bad? If not, that seems like it could be a useful thing to do for the community. I'm happy to start a thread for that myself!


2. Those who have had bad batches before, have you found workarounds to use the wax (like e.g. wicking up)?


3. I saw one mention of someone getting a refund; I wouldn't expect it, but is this a thing with substantial quantities?


4. How can you confirm that the issue is the wax?


I know coconut is all the rage with the kids these days...I've been so busy I haven't had time to play with it but I'm thinking I'm going to have to develop my own wax blend just to minimize the potential inconsistencies between different kinds of waxes. 


It looks like 444 is just as inconsistent and I've heard mixed reviews on C3 as well.


What do you do when you have hundreds of candles to make and your wax is a gamble?!


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2 hours ago, NightLight said:

Did you get in new wicks?


No, same bags of 1000 I've been using for a while. (I use different sizes between two candle varieties I've had reported as not burning normally. I had a third variety a customer messaged me about, but after I responded to her she said there was a draft she didn't notice and it's burning well now.)



Did you get in wicks from a different supplier?


As above, no.



Did you use any of the new updated fragrances?


Same oils I've been using for about four years. Although I did get a couple of new bottles of two kinds today so I'll try those and see if the old bottles somehow got fried in the summer heat. I share a thermostat with my studio neighbor and have been gone a lot over the summer so I'm really worried something got too hot while I was away.


Thanks so much for the brainstorm and the encouragement.


Just a few minutes ago a 3-year repeat customer I was chatting with said some recent candles she bought were just as good as the old ones...I don't know what to think!

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