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Best Selling Container for plain white soy candles

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Soy wax has frosting problem.  So, many of us choose not to dye them, and I find that many successful soy wax candle companies are using container that would not show the candle wax.  Most successful two soy wax candle makers that I know are P.F. Candle & Joshua Tree Candle Company.  Check out their product by Google them.  They are using amber glasses, which will cover frosting problem.  I believe their best sellers are in 7.2oz for P.F. Candle and 8 oz. for Joshua Tree Candle.  Ceramic container with lid would work well for soy wax candles also.


I only do 14 oz tin container.  I use tin for so many reasons, and it is the only container that works for me well in my market.  I know that tin would be a hard seller in most other markets, but we do have many in here who is doing good with tins.  


But, then what sells best will totally depend on your targeted market.  If you are aiming  to do wholesaling to retailers, then amber glass should work really well.  If you are aiming for online direct sales, then ceramic container with eye catching graphic design would work best.  If you are aiming to sell at farmers market & fair, then rustic looking container would work best. etc.


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