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Scent and Wax Suppliers?


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Hello Everyone,


I am fairly new to the board. I've had been making candles for about 6 years and then I stopped about 9 years ago. Since then I've been making candles as a hobby for personal usage. I am now looking into getting back in this as a business. In the past I've brought my wax and scents from mostly Candles and Supply and Nature garden. I had also used a company in the past that I beliave was called Alabaster for scents. 


My question is have anyone here used these companies and what are your thoughts of them (quality, price, etc)? Also can anyone tell me of any other companies that they have used and liked? How to they compare to Candles and Supplies and Nature Garden (if you ever used these companies)?


One last question, I am trying to come up with a list of scents and how many scents should I use? I was thinking about starting out with 10-12 scents. Will this be to few?


Thank you in advance for you support and answers.

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Hi I love Natures Garden. Their scents are strong and amazing. Peaks Fragrances are my favorite. Super strong and even better than NG to me. I also love Candle Science, Mad Oils, Brambleberry, Wholesale Supplies Plus and others. There are a few companies I hate. I do not like Candles and Supplies I find they are weak.  But I hate a few companies. 

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I haven't used Nature's Garden since the early 2000s--I quit making for a decade and came back as well.  Alabaster is now Community Candle--I used them back in the day, but I haven't picked them up again.  I'm not a fan of Lonestar--pretty smells, but they won't throw for me.  Elements Bath & Body carries some of the old Bluegrass fragrances.  Rustic Escentuals carries some of the old Kentucky Candle Supply fragrances.   Pure carries some of the old Tony's and Southern Garden fragrances, along with a few from Moonworks. 

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