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wood wick candles

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A great starting point is woodenwick.com There's a guide to help you choose which wick works best your wax based off of diameter and height of your candle container. You can also purchase a sample pack with free shipping. Northstar3 and The Flaming Candle are 2 others that have wooden wicks. You can find them with several suppliers, but woodenwick in my opinion would be a great starting point.

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On 8/23/2019 at 12:49 PM, Lady Loki said:

I like the candles with the wooden wicks because of the crackling sounds they make problem is idk where to get them to make my own scented candles- any suggestions?



I don't have much experience with wood wicks and it's been along time since I used any. Here's some links to other wood wick posts that may be helpful to you once you start testing. 


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I used wood wicks exclusively for around 5 years. Most of the time my wax was 90% 464 and 10% coco83. Over time, I found a wick/wax/jar combination that worked fairly well. In my case I used a 1/2 booster wick in a 9 oz straight sided glass jar. You have to trim wood wicks every time, period. I had this on the product page when people ordered them and also did occasional social media posts about how to properly burn a ww candle. I actually printed a little 2x2" card with instructions that I included with purchases. Over those 5 years, I never had an issue with customers complaining about their candles.


I never got significant debris like some of those pictures showed. Most issues are prevented by trimming the wick when the wax is completely solid. But that is the inherent challenge with wood wicks; it demands pretty rigorous compliance by the consumer.

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