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Vacations... small business owner


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Ohh how I love vacations and dread them at the same time.


Just as the season is really about to start family is going on a little get away.  Then right after we get back I have about 5 weekends of fall shows, gift shops will need stock, and craziness will begin.  Sort of my last week to relax before 3ish months of increasingly less sleep.


Some things I learned



Never put your shop on Vacation Mode.  I just change my processing time to 2-3 weeks.  I do this about a week before I leave.  Too many stories were sales do not come back  to previous volumes after vacation mode.  You just need to edit your shipping profiles to make this change.



Same thing, Never put your shop on Vacation Mode.  I was averaging a 3-5 sales a week, and then I put in away mode for a week in the beginning of June.  When I came back it took 2 weeks to make 1 sales, and 2+ months later still not quite back.  To change this was a major PITA.  Required downloading a report,  and then uploading a Price / Quantity spreadsheet.  Should be easy to change back.  Amazon can penalize you if you do not meet deadlines.


Personal Website

I just put a pop up saying that nothing will be made until Sept.



Turn off ALL advertising, ETSY, AMAZON.




Hope that helps some of you.







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