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Placing an new supplier order — need a 12 step program 🙄


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They have a lot of good ones! I use their waxes, though, not soy.

If you like foodie:

pumpkin pancake


pumpkin chai

If you like patch/incense/hippy:

voodoo love 

mahogany spice

If you like fresh/clean:

coastal kale 

salt cavern

VS sexy (him)

If you like herbal/floral:

zuchinni blossom


I have a lot of samples from them that I haven't put in wax yet, but most smell good OOB. I have only come across a few from them that I disliked, namely Smoked Ginger, Fig Henri Bendel, Fluer de Soleil, and Blueberry. But there are many of their oils that I haven't sniffed yet.

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If you need a 12 step program, you came to the wrong forum.  We are all enablers.  I just ordered from Bitter Creek for the first time last week and got nine 16 oz bottles of FO I didn't need, plus 2 from Aztec.  But I have an excuse for Aztec.  My granddaughter wants me to make her some body butter so I needed shea butter.  Had to order more than $5.99 shea butter to justify the shipping cost.  :) 


I have many FO's from CW. Some of my favorites are:


Pumpkin Chai - sells well

Tea & Cakes

Apple Cider donut - yum!

Pecans & Pralines

Succulent Agave & Oakmoss - popular

Berry Tamgerine - one of my summer favorites

Mulberry Spice

Cranapple Spice

Hot buttered Rum

Lemongrass Sage


I have some I haven't even put in wax yet although I've had them for awhile. I've bought 32 from CW all together.  Just stay away from the Spice.  It smells weird.

I use GW444 which is quite similar to 464


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I second a lot of the ones mentioned already!


Sugared Vanilla Shortbread

Berry Tangerine

Rattlesnake Grass

Whipped Pumpkin Pie

Bay Laurel

Black Raspberry and Vanilla

Blackberry Brûlée 


Apple Cider and Donuts

Caramel Apple Cider

Peach and Sweet Berries

Pom Cider

Pumpkin Ginger Strusel

Autumn Leaves-I LOVE this one and I don't usually like this type of fragrance. I'm a bakery person but this one is so wonderful. It screams Fall!

Salted Caramel

Oatmeal Milk and Honey smells nice too

Pumpkin Chai

Pumpkin Pancake-this one reminds me of Pumpkin Pecan Waffles


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Thanks so much everyone for the suggestions.  I knew I was in the right place for enablers to help! 😘. CW is the first company I’ve bought from that doesn’t have any reviews on FO — and very little in scent description. It’s making it more difficult for me to decide what to order — and why I depend on THIS GROUP so much!! Trying to get some CS “reformulated” FO in wax today and am making notes on what I’m ordering from CW later this week. (Would definitely have tried the smoked ginger @Sarah S  so thanks from steering me away from that in my first order— I have plenty to buy that everyone seems to agree on!) My dear husband is modifying a presto pot for me today (with a spigot) so I can turn my son’s old bedroom into candle central and keep wax and supplies out for awhile — bring on the fall/holiday scents!!

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