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Anyone know of a better wax than IGI 4826 for free standing candles?

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I create my own custom candle molds. All of my candles are free standing as I don't keep the candles in the molds when I'm finished.


Anyone know of a very hard candle wax or one that is harder than IGI 4826 that is currently on the market?

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8 hours ago, bfroberts said:

Isn't 4826 a tart wax?  Have you tried 4725?  It is a pillar wax, and "hard" is an understatement.


Lol... no kidding. I made some melts with it not long ago and had to literally smash it with a hammer to break it down. Has a beast HT though!

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35 minutes ago, CandleMaker3D said:

Where do you buy 4725? I am finding 4625 online.


I can't find 4725.


I also found 4794 candle wax, but no 4725.

LOL....'scuse me.  That shoulda been 4625.  Fat fingers, pre-coffee, IDK.  But yeah, I meant IGI4625.

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