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Lab Co. coconut wax advice!

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For over a year now I’ve tested the following wax and combos in 3 inch jars. 4 inch glass containers, double wicked. My dilemma is I love all 3 waxes. I’m hoping some of you wise candlers will be able to help me decide which way to go. 


1.I’ve been testing lab co coconut wax and am seeking advice on wicks, this wax does have some paraffin in it. I hate the cost but it’s a beautiful wax.

2. Also testing lab co coconut wax with 464, 50/50, have tried lots of wicks but still wonder which are best suited, the coconut tames the 464 in appearance of the candle but cure time is longer.

3. Also testing 4630 and 464, 50/50 , received an email from candle science, they recommended cd wicks. The 4630 really boosts the HT and the paraffin tames the 464.


Any thoughts? Will really appreciate any advice/ wisdom😀😀🌸



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