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Flaming Smokey Vanilla Cannot wick this at all


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I got this from Flaming and cannot wick it. I have had to use my hottest wicks. They all completely die.

not from drowning in wax, the fragrance oil clogs up all the wicks I have tried. I made my own Smokey vanilla and wicking was fine and that’s what I’m using but the blended one from Flaming was he worst fragrance oil I have ever used.

anyone us it and how did you get it to work. Will have to save this for tarts because it’s not a keeper for candles.

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ugh,  I hate when this happens!  I feel your pain.  I'm guessing it starts out OK and then slowly dwindles into a smaller and smaller flame as it goes on ?



Some things that have worked for me in this scenario (sometimes, not always) :

Make sure it's cured at least 1 week- my coco wax blends are less fussy in these tough to wick FO's with a longer cure.

1. decrease the FO% incrementally

2. Especially if you're wicking a smallish container; instead of wicking up, try wicking down.  It sounds counterintuitive but sometimes the bigger wicks melt wax faster than the wick/fo combo can handle. It's like a tide rising too fast, and the swimmer can't keep up!
I just wicked a FO in an 8 oz straight jar (which themselves can be a PITA) that I had just about given up on after it killed off a series of increasingly larger and stronger wicks.   Finally tried a smaller wick and that was the one that did great.  I did have to tolerate a small flame for the 1st 2 hours but instead of becoming smaller and drowning as the candle burned, in the 2nd hour it reached a perfect and consistent height and gave a perfect burn with no trimming needed at all for the rest of the candle.  

What container are you trying to wick? And what wicks have you tried?


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