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Warm Vs Cold Curing, Final Test

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The test was done using 8oz tins with 6006 and Lemon Verbena FO from FC. One candle was refrigerated while the other was in the garage at around 87. I burned the candles after two weeks cure time and posted the results. They seemed promising, but after an additional three weeks of cure time I could not see, or smell, any appreciable difference. Of course this is just one test and the results are purely subjective. I certainly expected to see a difference, I even wanted to see a difference. So, given my bias I think it is safe to say that temperature is probably not a major factor in candle curing.   

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20 minutes ago, CaptnKush said:

So did the refrigerated one shrink so much that only the wick was holding it in the can?


I set them out over night so they were both at room temp, when I opened them and there was no difference.

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