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Best of fall


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I just LOVE CS pumpkin pie, I would burn this candle scent 24/7, I just love it!!! 

Others I like for fall are:

ICS   cranberry orange spice

Cinnamon Stick ( haven't found one to compare to TN version yet)

ICS baked apples

CMS orange danish


these are my top faves

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I too love CS pumpkin pie

RE's pumpkin pie spice

LS apple cinnamon

CW Leaves

ICS Nana's kitchen

Aztec or FB or LS  Cinnamon sugared donut

Aztec or NG Gingerbread

Aztec or FB vanilla pumpkin marshmallow 

JS cinnamon crunch cake


I could smell these scents all year! I like bakery though.

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Fall Scents are some of my favorites.  


Daystar's Sweet Pumpkin

Daystars Spiced Pumpkin Cupcakes

RE Pumpkin Pie Spice (sweet)

JS Pumpkin Pie Spice (spicy)

BCN Autumn Leaves

BCN Hayride

RE Celtic Moonspice

Amish Harvest (by anyone they all smell the same)

Cinnamon Broom

WYW Buttery Gingerbread

ICS Spiced Cranberry

BCN Honey Pear Cider



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