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Label paper


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On jars the thinner works best and really no reason for waterproof unless you're also making bath products.  If you go to labelsbythesheet.com you can choose from a huge variety and buy a small quantity at a time until you decide if you want white, clear, kraft, black, or whatever shape in a label.  For clamshells I use Name Badge labels, Avery are expensive but you can find them also online fairly cheap.

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For my candles I use photo gloss white labels because I put photos on my labels so the color is clear and true. What I also like about them is that they have a resistance to moisture, not waterproof, but water resistant. I get them from labelsbythesheet.com


I also use kraft labels for my beer soap to make them look more country and rustic. 


Really, the label you want depends on what you will use it for, what look you are going for, etc. If you are printing your own labels like I do the type of paper will also play a role.

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Labels serve a couple purposes.

Identification - candle, type, weight, scent

Branding - Name of Company and design. Think of the labels as the personality identifier. 


I would use a paper label for a candle, the plastic type for bath and body might not work with glass and heat.

Gloss or matte or kraft doesn’t really matter as long as you get a label that sticks. Trust me you do have to test this as

not all labels are created the same with adhesives.

I would recommend proprinting or laser printing. Inkjet is water soluble so damp hands could mess up the label.

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On 7/4/2019 at 9:07 AM, kdes7 said:

Which type of labeling paper is the most professional looking for jar candles and product packaging?   Waterproof?  Thickness?   I am so bad at this.  Thanks for any help!

My general approach is to buy glossy whenever it's available in the style I want. Nice and shiny. Exudes quality. Now if you need a "rustic" look, there are plenty of choices. Kraft paper and many others are available for the rustic candle maker.

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