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Citrus scent throw with Rapeseed wax

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I've recently started making candles and I'm using rapeseed wax blend (with beeswax and steric acid). Whilst I've had some great scent throws with some of my essential oils, I have noticed that my citrus essential oils have a smokey/ burning scent when the candle is lit. The cold throw is great, it's a shame it doesn't come through at all when they're lit.


Does anyone have any idea why this might be the case? I'm currently adding in 10% oil to wax ratio and have been very careful to make sure I'm adding in the essential oil when the wax is at 54 degrees celsius.


Many thanks!

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I can only comment on essential oils, I’m not familiar with using rapeseed wax.


when I experimented with essential oils in my wax it was hit or miss. Citrus oils can are tricky. You might need to anchor it with a base note essential oil in order for it to stick like patchouli or vetiver, there are many you could use.


Ive only had luck with palo santo but not straight, I blend other oils with it. You might try blending small amounts of essential oil with fragrance oil and see what happens.


BUT keep in mind essential oils aren’t meant to burn which is why I switched mostly to fragrance oils as they are formulated for candles.🌸

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