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Wick Advice

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The attached pics are of a 3" straight sided tumbler.  6006 wax, 7% FO, with a CD 16 wick. Burn #1 was a four hour burn.  This is 2 hours into burn #2.


Do you think this is over or under wicked?  I have a hard time believing that a bigger wick is required.  My thought is that an oversized wick might cause a quick burn downwards  not giving the heat time enough to spread outward to the edges.  Is that a possibility?


Just not sure if I need to go up or down with this wick.  Any advice greatly appreciated.





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Too early to tell, really.  Once the glass starts to heat up and the hang up drops the candle changes. 


How long of a cure on it? 


Some FO mess with the wick.  So wax messes with the wick. It’s baffling sometimes. For instance, in soy based wax a cd12 in a 3” wide tin I more than enough with my dragons blood. In coconut based wax I need that wick in a 2.5” jar and the flame still chemically drowns out. 


So... long story longer, keep testing to the bitter end. If the flame looks proportional to thE size of the candle, and it is clean keep going. If there’s acceptable hot throw, keep going. I just finished up a jar that size that did not clean the end until the very last burn.  That jar burned over 100 hours of 10-12 hour powerburns and never once threw any soot.  The hot throw was insanely good.  


If you're curious about another wick size, at this point I’d be inclined to make a second jar to test side by side. 

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Totally agree with TT, that candle needs a little more burn time before judgement is rendered.

What does the flame look like? If it's a sad teeny thing I'd consider pouring another wicked up, but otherwise I'd see how it plays out at the midway point of the jar. That's always the tipping point for me.

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