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Everything seems perfect except HT . . .

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Hello and a massive thank you to this forum - I have been reading through the archives for months now and learned so much! 

Here's my question: everything about my candle seems perfect except that all-important HT. As in, it barely exists. I have tested:

  • my own blends of all-natural waxes, predominately coconut wax
  • fragrance loads ranging from 5-10%
  • a glass jar with a 2.75 diameter
  • cotton and cotton/paper wicks including RRD, CD, CSN, ECO, HTP, Cottonwood
  • cure times ranging from 1-3 weeks


I've gotten things dialed in to where the burn is amazing: average ROC is .07/hr, the flame stays small and steady even after an 8-hour power burn, I get a great MP (almost FMP after 4 hours; FMP on second burn between 7-8 hours; great subsequent burns up to 24 hours of testing). So, I hate to mess all this up, but I'm getting little to no HT. As I mentioned, I've tested numerous sizes of six different wick series. 


Any thoughts? Is there any other information I can provide that would help?

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2 minutes ago, TallTayl said:

What fragrances and where from? 

Not all “agree” with coconut wax.  Depending on what you are adding, the chemistry may need a different wick temp.

For example, universal soy additive and microwax can both really mess with your throw. 

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@TallTayl - thanks for your messages. (Your posts are ones I take very seriously, because I know they are backed by research and experience!!!)


Some fragrances I've used include:

  • FC: Havana, Gin & Tonic
  • CS: Sea Salt and Orchid
  • WSP: Black Amber & Lavender, White Oak & Cedar, Leather, Headache, Mayan Gold
  • BA: Wood Shop 


I don't myself add any additives to the waxes. My blend is mostly Coconut 1 (100% coconut) with beeswax and palm as hardeners. The palm is from CW and the rep told me it does include natural additives. There's no soy in my blend.


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25 minutes ago, anna.k said:

@TallTayl I am using CW's Crystallizing Container Fill Palm Wax - Palm-1: https://www.candlewic.com/store/product.aspx?q=c19,p759&&title=Crystallizing-Container-Fill-Palm-Wax---Palm-1. I've tested blends from 10% up to 50% palm.


I have tried RRD and CSN wicks, but without luck so far.

That will definitely make HT a challenge. You need a pretty hot wick for palm to throw. 


For instance, in a recent just for me Candle, I used 15% sparkle palm (old from peaks way back when) with midwest soy (a naked soy) to see if I could replicate c1. Normal wick, zero hot throw. Super hot wooden wick, faint, but noticeable throw. 


You may may want to grab a set of CSN wicks for those tests. Often CSN coaxes our scent with palm when others fail. 


“V” series wicks also may work if you can get some. 

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