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I get email notifications when someone replies to a post I have made or commented on.  


Is there a way to get replies and such added to my notifications when I log into the board.  I can currently see when I have been quoted or when someone has reacted to a post but I do not see any thread reply notifications.


Ive found the place to do this in notification settings but the options for that particular setting are greyed out and I am unable to modify.

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1 hour ago, TallTayl said:

Let me poke around.  I get those notifications, so it is possible. 

Where did you find them grayed out? That will give me a starting point.

Account-->Account Settings-->Notifications


Under that menu the following options are greyed out.  


Under General:

Someone comments on something I follow. (Email is enabled, Notification list disabled)


Someone gives reputation to something I post. (Notification list enabled, email disabled)


Under Messenger:

I receive a message  (Email enabled, notification list disabled)


Under Profile:

Someone posts on my profile (Notification list enabled, email disabled)



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