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Double wicking a 4 inch tumbler?

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I need help double wicking a 4 inch tumbler. I have every size CD, HTP, zinc, and LX wick and don't know where to start. I've made one attempt at double wicking so far. I used two 44-24 zinc wicks and that wasn't the right choice. The flames were a little high and they both gave off black smoke. I blew one out thinking well maybe I need just one. That one wick sooted like crazy as well.


I am new to double wicking but not new to attempting to wick in general and I thought instead of draining my wick supply testing every possible combo, I thought I'd ask here and see if anyone has any double wicking recs. I am using 4630 wax and the strawberry white cake FO from JustScent. My FO load is 10%.

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I found it hard to get a good mp in that size container using two wicks without the flames being to tall for my liking....idk...maybe I didn't stick with it long enough🤔. I have resorted to triple wicking...lower range lx and htp have been working out pretty well in paraffin so far...hth


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the challenge with any wicking, especially multiple wicks, is balancing the rate of consumption with the heat of the flame. Multiple wicks amp up the heat without the same increase of consumption.


You can try a few things, like spacing the wicks differently to compensate. For instance, placing them closer to the center to centralize the heat toward the inside of the vessel. Often placement with multi wicking heats the container walls which will naturally melt the wax more quickly. The further into the container the candle gets the more that concentrated heat causes excess melt and resulting soot. 


You could also try wider base wicks, like ribbon or cottonwood. Sometimes this is a good job for a wooden wick too. All take some patience and time to figure out. Sometimes the answer is a different vessel or wax altogether. 

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