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Looking for angles wick cutter suggestions?

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This is why I love eco wicks, I just break off the top of the wick using my fingers, perfect height every time.

This doesn’t work with premier wicks so I use a large size nail clippers which works great in a taller jar and works like magic on wooden wicks. 

*im not referring to the scissor type nail clipper, the standard, only larger.🌸

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On 6/27/2019 at 2:04 PM, CaptnKush said:

image.thumb.png.48b1aeccc3f046ab0efc3ba6d04d7fd0.pngThis  is what I use.  Home depot might carry them or any hydroponic store


I ordered one from Amazon and got it today.  It works great if I need to trim a wick outside of the container but when I am trying to trim a wick in a container not so much.


I've bought two different wick trimmers over the past few weeks with the same result.  Work fine after the initial burn, worthless on the initial trim, especially on larger wick sizes.  Once I even make it through the wick im left with something that resembles those old troll pencil toppers/keychains.


Best thing I've found so far is just an old pair of scissors that we had laying around the house.  I've ordered a newer pair that's more in line with the size that I need and will just use those unless I see someone come up with something better.  


Catching up on the posts I've missed those cuticle trimmers do look interesting.  Just might have to make a quick Amazon visit.


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4 minutes ago, CaptnKush said:

Wow maybe a dull pair? I use it for trimming down inside candle and cuts perfect every time except when I accidentally get wax on it then it doesn't work.

Yeah, that's the issue I'm  having, during the initial cut when there's still a bunch of wax on the wick.  If I try to cut a new wick outside of the container it works fine because I can get the wick back further in the blades.  Works fine once the wick has been burned. Same thing with wick cutters. Just didn't have any luck with them when trying to do the trim prior to the first burning with the wick in the container (at least on anything CD12 or above, which is what I've been using the past few days.)

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14 minutes ago, xxxAlpha71xxx said:

What height do you guys trim your wick to for the initial burn? 1/8", 1/4", etc

depends. self trimming wicks I don't sweat much over. 1/4, 1/2, 3/4. They take care of themselves when lit if they are sized right.


Non self trimming, 1/4"

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On 6/30/2019 at 6:28 PM, Danadane02 said:


The image above is what I use, they're cuticle trimmers I purchased from 5Below. They aren't angled but work great for cutting the wick on fresh made candles. Gives a nice sharp cut.

I ordered a set of these which were waiting on me when I got home this evening.  These are absolutely awesome.  Quick, and most importantly, clean cut on every wick I tried them on.

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On 7/2/2019 at 8:05 AM, CandleRush said:

Here’s what I use.

Great trimming wicks and wooden wicks. Theses are generic 3 in. Approximately, toe nail clippers.

ESPECIALLY for deeper jars. 


Me too.......why spend extra $ on various trimming tools when the basic nail trimmers do the job??

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After losing my cutters I grabbed these in desperation, and found that these dog toe nail clippers cut better than anything I have tried so far. Very clean sharp cut. Probably not the best for getting way down in a melted candle, but for the first initial trimming they are great.

dog clippers.jpg

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