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Seeking feedback on testing fragrances

Peggy T

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TL;DR is there any benefit to testing fragrance concentrations in a container you will NOT be using?


Longer more detailed version

I am in the process of switching from 11 oz straight sided glass jars to a ceramic 11 oz jar. Both have similar dimensions (height, diameter). I intend to keep the same wax (464 plus a small amount of coconut 83) and the same wick (wooden wick 0.04 x 1/2"). I have been between 10-12% FO and would like to see how much I can reduce it and still get the same HT and CT. My new jars are being custom made in China and will not be here for another 6 weeks but I would really like to start the testing process now, since I will be giving them a 2 week cure. 


Related to this, is there any useful data or insights I could get from testing with other dissimilar containers? I've got 3000 4 oz candle tins that are just sitting around... :)


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The container size, shape and material all factor into the throw. A difference of a few degrees or air current in the container  might make a giant difference. Or you may get lucky. 


It is worth testing some of the similarly sized now, IMO. At least you have some data to start with. The small containers will not necessarily translate directly to the bigger (if that makes sense.)

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