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Hurricane/Unique Candle Help

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Hi all, new here!


I am attempting to make a candle inside of a candle. Hear me out.

The outside is hurricane wax with dried flowers. I then pour my parasoy wax inside of that to make an inner shell candle. 

The thought is, once it burns, the outer shell stays intact and you can keep it forever...put a tealight in it, whatever. 


My problem: I do end up melting the outer shell and I'm trying really hard not to. I'm not sure what to do here. This candle has been done before, there a few small candle makers who do this successfully...so I know it can be done.


I currently use hurricane wax for the outer shell and IgI6006 for the inner shell. 

Was considering using translucent crystals for the outer shell but not sure it will make a big difference? 


I would appreciate any, and all, insight.


Thank you!


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If what you are saying is you that you are  burning the Hurricane wax shell of your candle and you are trying to avoid that, then just use a smaller wick that doesn't get such a large melt pool. I don't know if you are just using 1 type of wick or not, because there are soooooooo many different wicks to test. Good Luck I hope I answered you right, and I am sure someone else will chime in that can better help you.

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9 hours ago, kerleigh722 said:

Oh wicks. I’ve been using wooden wicks. It maybe I’ll try to size down and see how that works! 

Wooden wicks are popular because they create a wide, HOT melt pool. I have a feeling you may need to wick down pretty far to use wood.  Do a few tests with  typical candle wicks to compare 🤗

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