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Help wicking GB 444

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I recently started using GB 444 and I am new to candle making. I made a batch 2 weeks ago and let them cure for 1 week before burning, and used ECO 12 and 14. Both burnt great but the 14 was a little too hot. This time around I only let them cure for 3 days but tried an ECO 10 and ECO 12 (with different fragrances). I know different fragrances will affect how the candle burns but I have a few questions...

Does the cure time affect how they burn or just the scent throw?

Do these candles look under or over wicked?

Have you had better luck with different wicks with this type of wax?


Both candles are made with GB444. The ECO 10s are on the left and ECO 12 on the right. I'm using a 9oz container with a 2.83" diameter. I burnt for a little over 2.5 hours. Thanks in advance! 





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Just now, TallTayl said:

With soy, cure time definitely matters.  It changes the burn and the throw.

3 days is way too short with 444.  That stuff will be rock hard in a few months. 

Good to know. I thought it was just the scent throw that was affected. How long should I wait? Is 1 week enough time?

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