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Today's soaping mishap


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Was making beer soap today and using my PVC molds. I had just finished pouring a batch and wanted to tamp it down a bit to release any air pockets. The molds are in a phalange fitment in the bottom so they stand upright. Its very sturdy and seals the soap bottom of the pipe nicely. However, I must have not carefully fitted the bottom on the phalange this time as the pipe came right up out of it and soap started pouring out the bottom of the mold!! Argh!!!!!


So I quick slammed it hard down onto the phalange to hold it and not lose any more soap. Soap batter was all over the bottom of the phalange and the countertop. So I gently scrapped up what I could with my rubbermaid spatula and stuck it back in the top of the mold. I got a lot back in but the phalange is quite messy and sticky and has soap stuck in all it's crevices. 


Lesson learned. Always check to make sure those fitments are secure! LOL


Odd, because they can be a beast to pull off the pipe once the soap has hardened overnight. So it never occurred to me that it could be loose. Sigh...

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