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Please help-What has happened to these candles?

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I hope someone can help me.  I'm a mixed media artist/maker and I paint on glass encased candles.  As of late I have been painting on sanctuary candles or otherwise known as prayer candles - these are supposed to be 7 day candles.. I used to get my candles from a great US wholesale company, but due to a divorce (that's the reason they gave), they closed.  So I found another  US wholesaler and made a semi-large order.  They didn't offer samples, but they had (what seemed to be independent)good reviews online.  I got my order Saturday and all, and I mean all, of the candles have some sort or a white frosting on them, as well as air hole and tunneling.  I'm kind of beside myself.  The description of the candles stated they were paraffin with lead free wick.  I can't comment as to how long they will burn as I'm only on one full day so far of the second candle I lit to test.  The first candle I lit, however, tunneled immediately and the wick was buried in wax.  I could not relight it no matter what.  I have attached pictures and I hope you professionals can give me an idea of what happened to these candles.  All candles I have previously bought from the other company were smooth as glass with uniform, rich color.  Thanks so much for your time, it is vert appreciated as I have to contact the company tomorrow to try and get a refund. -Merry


Candle mess 1.JPG

Candle mess 2.JPG

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15 minutes ago, Laura C said:

I'm not positive but from the photos it just looks like they are made with Palm wax. Palm wax usually has that crystallization look to it, nothing wrong with it, just it's characteristic. Did you ask them what type of wax they used?

Thank you so much for your answer, it is appreciated! In the description it stated high quality paraffin with a lead free wick.  That's it. 

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The wax looks like a mottled paraffin or possibly a non mottled that had inconsistent heating and cooling during production. Nothing “wrong” with it, just that is how the type of wax looks. There are many paraffins on the market, each with its own quirks and characteristics. 


the immediate tunnel sounds like air cavities around the wick. The wick hits a pocket of air, flares, burns out the length of wick and is impossible to light after. That’s a manufacturing issue. Many pillar (and container) waxes need relief holes which need to be filled after cooling. 

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Definitely not palm. Its paraffin. The vertical lines are called "jump lines" which occur when wax is poured too slow or inconsistently. I'm not sure if its a mottled wax but doubt that it is because they should have mentioned that on their website. I think the wax is loaded with lots of air bubbles creating a kind of mottled or rustic look. Again, something that could have been avoided with some care of helping the wax release air pockets before pouring. They just look sloppy and the wick drowning is the icing on the cake. Definitely call them and tell them what happened when you burned them and their general appearance. They may say it is mottling wax but my guess is it isn't.

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