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Help needed: Legal and Safety

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Hi everyone :)


So I really want to publically sell my candles now. Through etsy e.t.c. However everytime I try and sit down to sort out what I need I get scared off (I'm a worrier) because I don't want to do something wrong and then get sued.


I know I need public liability insurance (any advice on the best one to get is appreciated) 


And I know I need to add safety labels and CLP for the scents but there is so much conflicting info out there about this. How do I know what I legally need to put on the safety labels? On top of that I would need a safety label mini booklet on the bottom of my candles I think - 1 page for the general info and 2 for the ingredient/CLP? Where do I get this type printed?


Is there anything else I have missed?


I've always wanted to sell products like this and I really want to dive in and just do it but I feel I've picked a really difficult area and am scaring myself a bit. Any advice appreciated  :) x

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Hi @ScienceCandles. It doesn't hurt to look at candles that you like or admire and duplicate what they do while adding your own flare to it. Why reinvent the wheel, so to speak, right?


General Candle info



Label info




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