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Box packaging

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Does anyone know about Plastic Wrap for boxes? The kind that looks like a clear cellophane wrapper, over the box, and almost looks like folded gift wrap on the bottom. I am wondering if I just use thin cellophane and wrap it like a gift box- and tape the bottom? Or is there a heat gun or spray adhesive involved?  A machine? 



Edit to add:

found this, but it is $






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I've been using shrink tubing.  Tubing not shrink wrap. It takes a heat gun and a little practice. If what I see in the bottom picture is yours, then you're doing pretty good. Without machinery, you probably will never get it to look like the top picture. Making the ends folded nice and neat like that would require expensive equipment, I'm sure. Shrink wrapping is a lot like doing gift wrap, only you have to keep it from slipping around. You will need a heat gun to get it nice and tight. There are plenty of videos on YouTube. So many that you could watch for days if you had the time. I'm kinda fumble fingered so I look at shrink wrapping as ADVANCED gift wrapping. Practice is the only advice I can offer. I've been getting my shrink tubing from Packco in Missouri.  https://www.packcoinc.com/home.php  They offer free shipping on any order over $50.00. Shrink wrap material is very heavy, so the shipping offer will come into play very fast. 


Call them. They are very helpful and tell them the size of what it it you want to wrap and they can tell you what size wrap to get. Ask them to send you some sample pieces and they will gladly do it at no charge to you. Then you'll have something to practice with also. Heat guns can be bought at Home Depot, Lowes, Michaels, etc. Most Home Depot Stores stock them every day of the week. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Wagner-Furno-300-Heat-Gun-0503059/206723935  This is the one I have. It should be more than adequate.

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Those are nice but unless in a gift type store I’d probably opt for something a little less labor intensive. Packaging takes the longest already. 


If you sell any place where people can touch product packaging gets peeled open all the time. It’s really a pain in the neck.

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