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Within the last few years, I’ve begun learning about how to make natural products from a good friend.

Due to finances, concerns for authenticity and skin safety, we haven’t used many fragrance companies - mainly Brambleberry and P&J Tradings.

If anyone would be willing to list suggestions for companies offering reasonably priced skin safe fragrance oils that work well with soap bases, etc., and are as natural as possible, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Fragrance Oils are not really natural.  They are made in labs and are primarily synthetic. Though some will contain essential oils.     The only way to be natural is with essential oils which can be pricey. 


Wholesale Supplies Plus carries some natural fragrance oils but again they are pricey. 


I use primarily Fragrance Oils and get them from Nature's Garden, Elements Bath & Body, Rustic Escentuals, Nurture Soap. Fragrance Lab, WSP (sales only).


Never heard of P&J Trading, just took a look and they seem pricey for fragrance oils.  3 ounces for 18.00.   I would look elsewhere for much better pricing.

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Most FO suppliers list which ones are skin safe. I use suppliers that also list the IFRA usage amounts for various use in products including soap. Suppliers I use that carry skin safe FOs are C&S, Nurture Soap, Soapalooza, AH, PFO, EBB, WSP, C&S, Fillmore, EBC. There are many others but I tend to buy from suppliers I use for other ingredients.


I use a lot of Essential oils in my soapmaking too and buy most of them from Camden-Grey. I have also used EOs from Essential Depot, The Chemistry Store, and others I can't remember off the top of my head.

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