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Calwax - ECOWAX CCN1 Coconut wax

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Our original CCN1 from Calwax! All Natural Coconut Wax blend of all natural coconut wax & other natural quality ingredients. This natural wax will hold up to 10% fragrance, has good hot & cold scent throw. The all natural coconut wax will adhere very well to the glass & burn very clean. Coconut wax is usually a bright white color & extremely soft & creamy.You may need to add a hardner to raise the melting point of this wax if you are in a warm tropical enviroment. We suggest adding 15% palm stearic acid. As with all natural products you will see a slight variance in color from batch to batch. Most Recommended pouring temps is around 150 F. We have found that adding 1 1/2 ounce of Beeswax per pound raises the melt point and makes a high quality candle. BECAUSE IT IS ALL NATURAL IT SOMETIMES HAS TO BE HEATED WITH HEAT GUN OR DOUBLE POURED. MOST OF TIME IT IS SINGLE POUR AND WORKS BEST POURED AT 170-180 WHEN COOLER AND 160-170 WHEN WARMER AND WEATHER IS HO

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On 5/25/2019 at 10:44 AM, TallTayl said:

Is there a link to any tech documents to peruse? That tells us a LOT about the wax. 

This is what I was given. I was also told that it contains no paraffin and is not vegan. Hopefully the picture works...I'm not very tech savvy lol


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No paraffin and not vegan can mean many things.  The “not vegan” part suggests it is using beeswax to a some degree to improve the limitations of basic hydrogenated coconut oil. As far as any supplier has knowledge of, coconut oil is not offered beyond 92* as a stand alone product. I wish I could find out if additional hydrogenation beyond the 92 Mark is possible, and what it changes in the oils. 

loads of botanical waxes can increase melt points of other oils.  How they perform long term in a candle becomes the challenge. 

the 108-115*F melt/congeal point makes it hard to trust for shipping Or selling in summer.  The ups trucks easily exceed those temps, as do mailboxes in many places. If selling in person, farmers markets and craft shows anywhere near asphalt or concrete will definitely radiate enough heat to cause headaches managing the candles. 

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