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Where to buy carrier oils in Canada?


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Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I was on here, but I was hoping someone might have some suggestions on where to buy CO's in Canada. Shipping from the US is SO expensive! 😩 I could potentially have them delivered to my parent's in the US and bring them back with me when I drive... but that seems like it would be a hassle as my business grows... not to mention dealing with the border agents. I'm not sure what the regulations are for that kind of thing. Flying with them would be even less of an option.


Anyway, I know New Directions is a popular choice here. I've used a few of their oils recently and I'm just not sure I love them. :unsure: One of them was pretty rancid... so I guess I'm worried about the quality of their oils. Maybe this was a fluke though? And I should disclose...it wasn't one I purchased directly from the store, it was from a local company that had a skin care class. So maybe they had it in their stock for too long? Can anyone attest to the quality being good??


Hoping for some hidden gem that I don't know about yet. I've done so many google searches, but either the oils are too expensive or they don't carry a big selection (e.g., 7 or less CO's listed on their site). I really love MRH but the shipping (even in the US) is just way outside of my current budget.


Thanks in advance!

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