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ISO Fluorescent dye for Aroma Beads


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Where can I find fluorescent colored dye for my aroma beads? How are some sellers able to have so many different colors for their ornies? Whats the secret? Are you guys making small batches with different colors? Adding color during the curing process or after? I hope im making sense lol.

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I add the colors along with fragrance.   I don't have a lot of different colors so I mix dyes to get the colors I want.    I have some brights, don't consider them fluorescent.


I mixed yellow and honey dew green to get the lime.   The orange is red & yellow.    The one by orange is a bright coral.   I got it by putting in more dye and adding a drop of burgandy, it's the same dye as the light pink one.   I don't have a purple so I mixed blue and pink.   I only have 6 dyes:  red, green, yellow, blue, burgandy & coral.   The dark burgandy is Mississippi State University color maroon and I added a lot of burgandy with just a few drops of blue to get it that color.  I just mix and add as I go along watching the colors develop, no exact formula.  I've been selling in sachets mostly but made a few aromies.   


NOTE:  From what I've read, you can only use candle dyes.    I've only used liquid dyes so far.  RE has 45 dyes. 






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