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Store bought candle from Kohl’s

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This morning I’m currently burning a candle from Kohl’s. Sonoma brand, sugared vanilla, much like pink sugar, guessing its paraffin?


I cant tell what kind of wick. Judged on the last pick someone might know.


initally when I lit it it Tourched and a second later the flame stabilized to 1/2 inch, maybe slightly less. It seemed under wicked.


Melt pool was very close to an inch per hour so that was good.


First hour the flame was average, however, 2 hours later close to no flame.


first pic, initially lit after it Tourched. second pic, 2 hour burn. third pic close up of wick/ flame


The jar is 3in. Wide by 2 1/2 inches tall, no wet spots, no frosting. The throw is average and could not smell anything until an hour into the burn.






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