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I haven't done anything with it yet. 😭😭

I've been so busy the past couple weeks, no time to pour! But as soon as I get a tester made, I'll report back!

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I finally got to pour the 133! Yay!

@lovelyscents, it is very similar to the 125. I think if they weren't labeled, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. The 133 is just a bit softer, and a bit more greasy. To me it was like the difference between butter at 60 degrees (the 125) and butter at 65 degrees (the 133). The 133 seems to also be just slightly whiter.

One thing I noticed was that the 133 has a distinct plastic smell when it is melting. Strong enough that I could still smell it after I added the FO and poured the candles. I was very concerned that smell would linger, but it disappeared when they cooled, and I have not noticed it while they are burning. However, I'm only on the first burn for one candle and the second burn for the other.


Here are a few pictures:



So I don't know if they are very visible, but one candle has wet spots and the other doesn't. Fascinating! Same container, poured at the same time, cooled under the same conditions (sitting on my countertop, lol), the only difference is the FO.


This jar is a 16oz straight sided jar. I am using HTP 73 for both candles, as neither fragrance caused issues in CBL 125, and that is the wick I use with this jar and that wax. So far both are burning beautifully, although the flame is a little small. It's still so early in the burn, I'm not concerned yet. The melt pool is shallow, and the wicks appear to be consuming the wax steadily, no guttering or dancing. I do have the characteristic HTP lean.



I know it's tough to see, the room was pretty dark. Trust me, it's a lovely burn. 😁

BTW, the not-so-lovely one beside it is CBL 125, with an HTP 83 wick, and RE's Cuban Tobacco. The throw is so worth it, I don't even care how ugly it is. 🤣🤣


Speaking of throw, so far I am underwhelmed. I used Aztec's Sultana dupe at 7% in one, and Aztec's Bayside Marina (thank you @GailC for that rec!) at 7% in the other. I chose the Sultana because it didn't throw well in CBL 125, and the Bayside because it does... and both throw well in the 133 but nothing spectacular. In fact, I think the Bayside Marina is a smidge weaker. That FO, for palm wax users, is a powerhouse in the Palm 1 wax from CW. Just putting that out there, lol. Anyway, so far this wax isn't knocking my socks off, but it is still very early. I do like the way it is throwing the Sultana, so that's a plus.


I have about 12oz left, so I can pour another tester, I just need to pick out the right FO. I think I'll go with something super strong in CBL 125 to do a comparison.


My early impression is, I won't jump ship for this wax, and I don't know that I would recommend it to beginners because of the plastic smell. If I wasn't experienced, I would have thought something was wrong.


It could be great to blend with soy... I do have a little bit of Soy 125 from CW, maybe I'll mix them and see what I get. 😁

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Thanks so much for sharing!  I believe Lizzy also mentioned about a "off" smell.  I may pass on testing this one as I am sure their other blends are just as good with quality oils and the right wick.

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