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Duplication services in 2019

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I searched and found a thread from a few years ago. but I checked and several of the companies were either out of business or had increased their duplication service rates from $30...to $250!


I have a customer who wants a candle to be scented like an air freshener they use. So I need a great duplication service-any suggestions?





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Might be a long shot but do you have the name of the aroma supplier that makes this air freshener?   I have found that several of those hotel/commercial air fragrance companies sell fragrances in many formulations and for various purposes including candlemaking, cleaners, laundry products, etc...

Much like our candle suppliers, you may also find the same fragrances available in 2 or more places under a slightly different name. 

I sampled quite a few fragrance oils from a few of these scent suppliers- there are a LOT of these air-scent places when you start digging- when I was looking for some oddball retro fragrances and they were happy to send me samples.  And they did indeed work very well in candles. 




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