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Beeswax as a wicking adhesive

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Hello everyone,


(first-time post here!)


When I was checking out the specs on another candle company, they had said that they use beeswax (instead of a hot glue gun) as their wicking adhesive.  

From the video showing their candle making process, it looked like that had molten beeswax in a cup and were dipping the wick tabs in it, then sticking them to

the bottom of the containers.  


I tried it with some spare yellow beeswax I had laying around and it did not stick nearly as well as hot glue.  I am wondering if there was something I missed, if that company was telling the truth (lol), or if anyone else has tried this?


So far, I have never seen any other candle company use a 'natural' glue, but I think it would be a cool bit to add to my marketing!

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I think you already found your answer through experience. 🤗 I’m a Beeswax person, and from experience would not recommend beeswax as opposed to a good wick sticker. I’ve used high melt point glue in tins and discovered from candle tins returned for recycling that those wicks can and do move if not held down well. Not sure if my people all live in Sr Seussian undeveloped homes or what but the wick tabs would wander all over the place 🤣


Melt point of beeswax is only about 145, meaning it softens at a lower temp than that. Typical melt pool temps are 160-200*F so that will come loose and wander quite easily as the candle reaches the critical bottom third. 


Likewise, temp changes, like being in a cool mail box or airplane during shipping causes beeswax to shrink away dramatically, so that wick won’t be affixed to anything at all.


good question though! Fun to puzzle through it with you. 

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Fascinating points on the mp of beeswax!  Yeah, I wonder what the company actually does then.  Maybe it's a proprietary glue they created?  Everything else about the company is solid on being zero waste/all natural, so can't imagine they would be dishonest...


Do you prefer wick stickers over hot glue or glue dots?  



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I agree with TT on the beeswax, hot glue is unpredictable, it can unstick with weather changes. 


There are are some recent posts on wicker sticks here so you can search.


For me stickers are fantastic and easy to use, I like the ones on sheets best. I get mine from the candle maker store, cheap!


i recycle my jars/tins and it takes elbow grease to remove them.

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The other thing to think about is how hard you may need to pull on wicks while prepping jars and pouring. When you clip a wick in a jar you put a lot of tension on it. Then pouring hot wax into the jar puts more stress.  The last thing you want is floaters. Nobody, I mean nobody, likes floating wicks.  You have to start alllllll over when that happens. 

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Absolutely, and these are all good points.  The one hang up I remember having with wick stickers was how much of a pain it was to pull that little tab off.  Maybe I just got a bad or cheap batch (can't remember where)  I'll try the ones from Candle Makers Store though!  Thanks!

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