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Hi from Los Angeles.

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Hi! I'm from Los Angeles and I just made my first two candles today with a candle kit. I've been lurking this forum but I finally decided to join! Thank you all for being so helpful :)


I did have a question. How do you all handle clean up, I found that after I was finished I had wax on my stove and my table. It's not hard to clean up but I'm wondering for future purposes, do you all have a dedicated work station for candle making? Also, can I use a gas stove or I have to use an electric stove. I used a electric stove today (I'm at my mom's house) but at my house, I have a gas stove. 

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Hi and welcome to Craft Server!


If you are using the double boiler method to heat your candle wax its miles safer to use an electric stove. A flame can ignite wax so be extremely cautious if using a gas stove. If you are using a gas stove and you want to continue making candles, I would invest in a presto pot. You would be much safer.


For easy cleanup you can layer your work area with newspaper. Personally I use a putty knife and simply scrape wax off my countertops very easily. But then I have been making candles for years and have more practice pouring without too much spillage.

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Here are some clean up options Amazon basics dog pee pads. Absorbent on top plastic below. I use these for soapmaking and candle making. All done just toss and they are pretty cheap.

Or garbage bags cut up line counter, not absorbent but do protect. Use chuck.

Silicone Mats a la Amazon. Big enough for counter. You do have to wash them down after use, but they do protect your nice counters.


Instead of stove if you like your hobby and want to become more invested in it. Purchase a presto pot, and a pouring pot.

use the presto pot as a double boiler instead of stove. Why? You have a thermostat on the presto-pot which you don’t have with using stove. Plus it will keep your stove clean and you won’t have family yelling at you for doing crafts in the kitchen.


Plastic putty knife helpful for whoopsie moments that land on the floor or uncovered kitchen surface.

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