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How to heal irritated and bacteria infected eyes naturally


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I wanted to share this info because I recently had an eye infection caused by bacteria in my lashes and used it to heal my eyes naturally. Don't use this if you have a serious infection that needs a doctors care. This is for sore, inflamed, itchy eyes or minor infection caused by bacteria in your eyes.


Bacteria getting on your eyelashes is a very common eye ailment especially as you get older. It can cause your eyes to be very red, itchy, and puffy. It will continue to get worse if not treated. 


There is a natural way to fix this at home and it worked for me in a matter of a day or two of following the treatment.


STEP ONE - First you get a clean washcloth that is lint free. Soak it with hot water and ring it out. Put the warm washcloth over your eyes. Do this for 10 minutes but not any longer. You may have to repeat soaking the washcloth in hot water 2-3 times. Keep it hot enough by repeating. The warm moisture will help soften and open up the pores and follicle base of your lashes where the bacteria is.


STEP TWO - Next, gently wash your face with warm water, not hot, using a natural soap or if you don't have one use baby shampoo or liquid castile. Be sure to gently wash the base of your eyelashes using your index fingers or a Q-tip. I prefer using my fingers so I don't accidentally poke my eyes with a Q-tip.


Rinse off with warm water and pat your skin and lashes gently with a clean towel to dry.


STEP THREE - Apply a drop or two of castor oil or vegetable glycerin to the inside of your eye. I used castor oil as it helped to moisten my eyes. I also rubbed a little around the eyelids and lashes. Repeat with both eyes. If you don't have a dropper you can use your index finger. Using one index finger, pull the bottom eyelid downwards, then apply the oil with your other clean oil dipped index finger directly onto the underside of the inner lid. 



The heat and cleansing treatment will help relieve the itching for a while. The castor oil will help soothe and moisten your dry itchy eyes and lids. How long depends on how bad the infection is. Mine were really sore and the treatment lasted for about 4 hours before the itching started up again.


You can repeat the treatment several times a day. I did it about 3-4 times a day for 2 days before my eyes recovered.


I emptied a bottle of Visine eye drops to use as my dropper bottle for my castor oil. It worked pretty good. I did this after I read that the absolute worst thing you can put in your eyes is eye drops for red eyes. I didn't know they can make your eyes worse so when I found that out I dumped the drops and switched it out for the castor oil. I will never use commercial eye drops on my eyes ever again. They were the reason my eyes were not healing for an entire week before I tried the treatment I used above. Once I used this treatment my eyes finally healed and were soothed immediately upon treatment.


Just remember, if you have a serious eye infection or eye trauma you should consult your physician  as you may need medication or some other fix. This treatment is a simple home remedy for a simple infection or eye relief.

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I did the same thing for an infection.  I used baby shampoo (no sting) and moist hot cloths.  My ophthalmologist said to start using moisture drops.  That alone has helped with the dry itchy eyes.    Never thought to try castor oil.  Will keep that in mind if it should happen again.   Thank you!

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I find that now that I am older I get more eye strain, puffiness, and redness on top of daily itchy eyes. But that infection was the worst case of red itchy puffy eyes I ever had. 


Another daily eye care cream I use is petroleum jelly. I just rub a little bit over my lids every morning and before bedtime. But when my eyes get red now I use the castor oil and hot cloth treatment. Did it yesterday when one of my eyes was red from itching and rubbing. Its cleared up nice and white today.


I still haven't tried putting vegetable glycerin in my eyes because I am out of it at the moment. But I know that is what they use for actors to make tears for a crying scene they are playing. Glycerin and castor oil are the 2 ingredients I found that came up in my research a lot so I that is what I tried.

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2 hours ago, Shari said:

I did the same thing for an infection.  I used baby shampoo (no sting) and moist hot cloths.  My ophthalmologist said to start using moisture drops.  That alone has helped with the dry itchy eyes.    Never thought to try castor oil.  Will keep that in mind if it should happen again.   Thank you!


The castor oil is thick so it feels kind of weird the first time you try it. But its very soothing. You just need a little bit to moisturize your eyes and lids. Once you get it in your eye you may have a bit of blurry vision while the oil coats the eye. But after a minute or two your vision should be better. I help my eyes by rubbing them a little to help distribute the oil drop around inside my eye. Any excess oil I rub around my lids to help with any itchiness or dryness.


Just beware any commercial drops you use. If it says for red eyes ditch it. A more natural lubricant for your eye is plain vegetable glycerin or castor oil. I read you can also use olive oil but haven't tried that one yet. I am loving how the castor works so lovely and soothes my redness and itch.

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Hi there,

For your eyes and most body and beauty products a new container is preferable.if you really must use one that you can boil and sterilize.

Reusing droppers is not a good idea as these are very difficult to clean, and last thin you want is more bacteria for your eyes, and eye area.

Castor oil is very thick. You can dilute it with a light oil like fractionated coconut oil, or similar almond, apricot. Cosmetic grade is best for eye areas. I would dilute castor oil 60 other oil 40..

Best sanitary wash cloths are microfiber one that you can get on Amazon - cheap bundles of 50. Use your wash cloth once then wash.

These dry fast and are easy to clean. Much more sanitary than cloth ones. You can also purchase synthetic fiber wipes that won’t leave fuzzball all over your face, like cotton balls.

Lastly do not mix oils with eye drop solution and keep in a bottle. This would need a very specific preservative for the eye are! Not using a preservation system or the wrong one can land you in worse spot.

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