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Green Coconut

Jenni Wix

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Wax: Soy Blend

Wick: Eco 14 (Tall flame, but still hang up )

Container: 16 oz SSGJ 3.5" 

% 6

CT moderate 7/10

HT moderate 6/10

Cure 2 weeks

Wax discoloring a bit.

This is a great fragrance.  It's a Lush dupe.  It's fresh, not cloying.  Natural warm coconut and spicy essential oils.  My nose can be easily offended by clove, it's perfect here.  Having said that, I rated it moderate, IMO, it is a gentle, relaxing scent, but I can smell it, and I love it.  Spa like.  Its great.  I will totally use this in B&B. 


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After burning this again last night for a few hours, I have some more thoughts.  

In the room I developed candle nose because the BF walked in and was like, "What's that one?  I really like It"  So I walked outside, came back in, and sure enough, it was quite noticeable.  Pretty strong, but subtle, and complex.  The CT is actually strong this morning too.  Just sitting by it I can smell it.  

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