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Which wick would work?

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10 hours ago, Sebleo said:

Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t start with that jar. I did the same thing with starting out and tried to work with a tureen jar which is not one for a novice. 

I will set that jar aside and re-think the container.

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56 minutes ago, Trappeur said:

Great idea BF.....It's a safety thing.



Trappeur, thanks for your input. I recently purchased 10lb. of GB-464 soy flakes along with HTP-93 and HTP-105 wicks. I have a straight glass jar that measures 3" in diameter and approx. 3-4 in. high. I'm thinking of experimenting with this.

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30 minutes ago, TallTayl said:

@bfroberts you could also pour a totally different hard-to-burn wax, like beeswax, to squelch the burn at the narrowed vessel neck. It too would give some “wasted” wax but would at least be “safer”.  Could become a design element of pouring the beeswax over, say, glass “rocks”. 


Still need loads of testing but not impossible. 

Thanks, TT.  Never really thought about tackling it that way.  Now I've got 💡 ideas 💡  tumbling around in my mind.  It's gonna be a fun day! 😊  

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