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Pickups and Dropoffs


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When I first started I would do almost anything to make a sale.  Pickup's or Drop Offs were things I would say SURE to.  Last fall I did not do that anymore.  Was too busy and I know people wanted to save $8 for shipping but I just got tired coordinating a meeting time.  I would suggest going to one of the gift shops that carried my candles.


Well I made the mistake of saying SURE Saturday night.  Someone asked for 4 custom candles Saturday night and asked of they could grab them Sunday morning (Easter).  Sure.....  So I whipped them up Saturday night, messaged them Sunday and no response.  No sorry I will not be able to make it, Sorry plans changed.  Nothing.  Just a gentle reminder to myself to stop catering to everyone.


Order on my website, pay for shipping, and then they will show up to your door.  Yes $8 does seem like a lot of money that YOU can save,  but you get to custom order your candle and have it show up at your door and NO inconvenience to me.



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That really sucks.


The only other way around that, besides not saying sure next time, is to add a custom order button on your website and have them pay for it when they order. That way you have your money before you even make it. 

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